We have been hard at work, making a number of significant improvements to BluVault and BluSync over the last few months. Here’s what’s new.

Lite agent

Many small and medium businesses, often have no formal plan for Endpoint backups.  But, with threats like Ransomware and regulations like GDPR, businesses, no matter how small, can no longer ignore data lying on endpoints. Parablu BluVault’s Lite version delivers a smart, efficient and affordable version of BluVault especially designed for SMBs for departmental use in large enterprises. It draws on BluVault’s powerful capabilities and manages to encapsulate the “must have” features for regulatory compliance and protection against ransomware. Welcome to affordable state-of-the-art backup!


Fully managed/hosted option

We are excited to announce our fully managed/hosted option for BluVault and BluSync. Our customers don’t need to worry about providing hardware infrastructure to run our secure cloud gateway anymore. While that option (the original hybrid model) is still available, we’re seeing a lot of customers express interest in our latest, fully-managed offering that we host in the cloud for you. You can now say goodbye to headaches as far deployment, patching, uptime or power/cooling costs.  Simply deploy our agents to your endpoints, sit back, and let us take care of things. You will still have Administrator access to the dashboard, author policies and be every bit in control.


2-way sharing feature for BluSync

BluSync is designed to allow secure sharing from within your organization to recipients outside. But what if you need them to share sensitive data back with you securely? BluSync’s latest version allows just this – duplexed, secure sharing. Just select the “2-way sharing” option at the time you share the file with the recipient, and they will automatically get ‘guest’ login privileges into BluSync in order to share files back with you. It’s as simple as that.


GDPR-compliant auditing

The need for stronger auditing capabilities around business data is critical for complying with regulations like GDPR. In our updated version of BluVault, we have raised the bar on auditing and ensured that all touch points on the system get audited automatically.  A bullet-proof auditing system that logs every critical action.


Scalability, Reliability and Resiliency improvements

We improve our solutions every release in the process of continuous improvement.  In keeping with this, Version 2.3 of BluVault boasts a whole suite of Scalability, Reliability and Resiliency-related improvements.


If you are a Parablu customer, and aren’t running version 2.3 already, please get in touch with your partner or write to us at support@parablu.com right away so we can arrange for you to get upgraded!