Product Updates: BluVault 2.3.7

With the release of BluVault 2.3.7, we’re excited to announce our newest release which includes several new enterprise class features.

Delegated Administration capability

It is now possible to create delegated administrators to manage one or more user subsets.  If you have users in specific departments or geographies who require their own local administrator, you can now create a Delegated Administrator with administrative capabilities insulated only within that group of users.  The Delegated Administrator roles and rights can be assigned to specific policies.  Such delegated administrators will then have  restricted administrative access to users in those specific policies.

The Global Administrator can create an unlimited number of Delegated Administrators and can also revoke their privileges at any time.  At this point, delegated administrative access is supported for all reports, downloads and restores.

Support for foreign language OS versions of Windows

Parablu now supports foreign language Windows OS versions and can backup/recover files and folders irrespective of language.

Drill-down dashboard view

This new functionality allows Administrators to drill into greater depth from the dashboard summary view that is presented upon login via the Parablu portal.   All the dashboard tabs – Users, devices, # of backups, # of restores, storage utilized, etc. can be clicked to lead to a more detailed web page or report which the Administrator can use for deeper and more specific analysis.

More user-friendly reporting and alerts

We have revamped key reports like our Backup Overview Report and Storage Utilization Report based on customer feedback to provide information that is more relevant and in a form that is easier to understand.

Reports can now be generated for a specific policy, or group of policies.  All reports are capable of being set up as automatic email alerts.  The audit logging has been strengthened to provide more granular information for changes made in screens for administrative settings and policy settings.

Such improvements in our software are possible only with customer feedback.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we always “listen” to our customers.  So, please feel free to give us feedback and constructive suggestions.  We would love to hear from you.

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