Secure Cloud Gateway


Secure Cloud Gateway


Secure Cloud Gateway

Total security and privacy on the cloud

BluKrypt is a Privacy Gateway that completely secures your critical data on the cloud. Whether the data is in your collaboration tools, archive & backup platforms or SaaS applications, BluKrypt gives you total control over data security. BluKrypt enables enterprises to fully manage security policy enforcement irrespective of where the digital assets are stored – public cloud, private cloud or local data stores.

As opposed to CASBs, which mainly rely on DLP-like policies to determine whether a file can be sent into the cloud or not, BluKrypt allows data to freely move into the cloud, but obfuscates it thoroughly to ensure complete privacy and security. This means less work-place disruption for employees and a higher degree of safety and control for enterprises.

Complete data encryption and obfuscation

BluKrypt ensures that any data leaving the network perimeter is encrypted on-premise before it travels to its cloud destination. This encryption is persistent. It isn’t just encryption “in-flight”. The data remains encrypted with the enterprise’s keys even once the data reaches the cloud destination and is at rest. Most importantly, the enterprise is in complete control of the encryption keys.

BluKrypt doesn’t merely encrypt data – it obfuscates it thoroughly. File names, folder names etc. become undecipherable on the target storage when BluKrypt is in use. Files may also be chunked up into smaller components and encrypted separately. Parablu’s solution ensures that piecing together data off the target cloud storage is completely impossible unless the user has authenticated themselves appropriately, at which point, BluKrypt de-obfuscates and decrypts the data back to its original form. Parablu manages this by maintaining a complete catalog, key map and pointers to all data that it processes.


Secure data access anywhere

Parablu solution enables travelling employees to seamlessly access data from anywhere. The BluKrypt gateways in each location are constantly in sync with a central management tier – the ParaCloud.


High-performance solutions

Parablu’s solutions scale seamlessly along with your business.   No limits on numbers of users, nodes, files or file sizes.  Parablu extends itself easily across geographies as your business grows, while allowing centralized management.


Zero-knowledge privacy

The encryption keys never leave your enterprise network. Neither your cloud storage provider, nor Parablu will have access to the encryption keys.


Access control

You can allow only certain people or teams access to specific folders. It’s easy to set up and works seamlessly.


Enterprise audit trail

Completely auditable and provides detailed reports. All touch points on the system get audited automatically.


Integration with enterprise name spaces

Readily integrates with LDAP based enterprise name spaces, such as Active Directory.


Offloaded encryption

Data encryption is completely offloaded to the BluKrypt Privacy Gateway. Your endpoint and server devices don’t have to perform any extra tasks in order to enable the encryption or obfuscation.


Storage & cloud agnostic

Works with on-device storage, NAS, SAN or cloud based storage. Works with any cloud provider of your choice.


Scalable across geographies

Works across different geo-locations and still allows convenient, centralized policy administration. It is easy to build redundancy and fail-over into the deployment architecture to ensure that you have zero downtime.

Special Features


Content indexing and full text search


Policy based versioning

Built-in redundancy

public cloud

Scale across geographies

Smart caching

Support for multiple cloud destinations

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