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Leverage Microsoft Office 365 for Cloud Backup

Utilize your O365 Cloud subscription for Secure Endpoint Data Backup

Leverage Microsoft Office 365 for Cloud Backup

Utilize your O365 Cloud subscription for Secure Endpoint Data Backup

Protect Business-Critical Data, no matter where it lives

Microsoft’s Office 365 suite of products equips you with many things including the ability to create and share content and store data in the cloud. But chances of data loss, in the cloud, as a result of an accident, a cyber-security incident or human errors is always possible.

Parablu’s award-winning endpoint backup solution helps you make the most of your subscriptions to Microsoft Office 365 by utilizing OneDrive for Business storage efficiently as your backup repository. Using Parablu, you enforce a safe and reliable endpoint data backup process, enterprise-wide and across geographies, ensuring that the data associated with all your user endpoints is always available and easily restorable.

BluVault – Data Backup Software you can Trust

An enterprise grade backup solution, BluVault is designed to help you accomplish a highly secure data backup to the cloud. Supported by BluKrypt™ – a secure container enabled by a privacy gateway – your data travels to and from the cloud fully encrypted and is kept secure even at rest. Further supported by data compression and de-duplication for storage and network bandwidth savings, endpoint data backup to the O365 cloud can happen fast, easily and reliably with BluVault.

Platform Features

Fully Encrypted Backup

Best-in-class encryption modules ensure your data is rendered indecipherable both in transit and at rest.  You control the encryption keys, not us, not anybody else.

Policy-based Automated Backup

Designed to support and empower enterprise IT administrators by allowing them to exercise centralized control over backup features, access and use of the solution.

Transparent Reporting

One-click activity reporting features on the dashboard ensure you can always track, analyze and manage the movement of your data with a bird’s eye view.


Parablu’s unique approach to endpoint backup, which can leverage end-user cloud storage subscriptions, is a real game-changer. With Parablu’s BluVault, we’re able to leverage our investment in Microsoft Office 365, by having Parablu utilize the OneDrive for Business storage allocations, as a secure backup repository.
Dr. Batheiah
Chief Information Officer, Embassy Group
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OneDrive for Business make it easy to manage your work files, share them and collaborate from any device. Parablu enriches OneDrive for Business with customizations for backup, security and scalability enhancing the cloud experience for customers.
Narendra Bhandari
General Manager – Developer Experience and Evangelism, Microsoft India.
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Parablu Advantage

Enterprise-class Data Protection

Define backup parameters and ensure regular endpoint data backup to the cloud, even in low bandwidth conditions, thanks to network bandwidth optimization.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Parablu solutions are designed to help you meet the requirements of most global data protection and data privacy mandates, including GDPR.

Lower Storage Cost

Parablu’s ability to leverage your OneDrive for Business subscriptions translates into you spending less on buying additional cloud storage, saving you as much as 70% in total costs.

Featured Case Study

Secure and scalable file collaboration and sharing using Microsoft OneDrive for Business

On-Demand Webinar

A free webinar that focuses on discussing ways to combat ransomware.

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