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of your revenues is the potential non-compliance penalty

Hours is what you got to report a data breach

Employees in your company? You are under compliance radar

Data protection officers will be employed in Europe alone

BluKrypt - Be a GDPR Compliant Business, Effortlessly

The next-generation secure solution ensures a 100% encryption of your data on or off the cloud. 

As a business readying yourself for GDPR, encrypting your data in the cloud should arguably be your highest priority.  The solutions from Parablu can integrate seamlessly into your current  infrastructure like MS Active Directory, MS Azure or MS Office 365 to make this seamless for your users and administrators.

Parablu has created a secure storage layer which can be layered on top of any cloud storage offering to store enterprise data safely and securely. Businesses implement this in the form of a Privacy gateway called BluKrypt which is designed to cipher data as it leaves an enterprise and goes into the cloud.  Most importantly the keys to decipher the data are retained by the business and nobody else – thus effecting a clear separation of duties.

All you wanted to know about GDPR. Download eBook

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BluKrypt GDPR Compliance Features

Total control of encryption keys

100% protection and visibility into compliance information

Auditable trail across devices

Integrates into your current infrastructure

Free flow of data with 100% encryption

Scheduled backups via controlled policy

IT policy and compliance alignment

All you wanted to know about GDPR, but were afraid to ask

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