A 100% Secure Data Backup Solution for Endpoints

Built to Utilize Microsoft OneDrive for Business

A 100% Secure Data Backup Solution for Endpoints

Built to Utilize Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Get The Best of Both Worlds

Stay productive on the go


Access your files anytime, anywhere


Share files with stakeholders


Reliable cloud storage for businesses

100% secure backup on the cloud

Non-intrusive installation with simple to see pricing


Total data encryption and obfuscation


Scalable across geographies and devices

BluVault with Microsoft OneDrive for Business

You can now use Microsoft OneDrive for Business as A backup target for your endpoints.

Parablu’s BluVault is a powerful and secure data backup solution that can protect your on-premise data by backing it up to the cloud. BluVault’s unique integration with Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business offering automatically backs up the user data from their endpoints to the respective OneDrive for Business storage accounts. In addition, BluVault works in tandem with Blukyrpt our Privacy Gateway solution which encrypts data using your encryption keys before writing it to the OneDrive cloud, thus ensuring maximum security with minimal effort.

BluVault Data Backup Software Features

Total control of encryption keys

Take complete control of your encryption keys. They will only be known to you

Pick what you want to backup

You choose to protect any files or folders on your endpoints. Not just stuff under one folder

Infinitely scalable

Scalable architecture for secure backup across thousands of endpoints

A true backup, not just a sync

Create reliable, versioned copies of files that are insulated from actions on the client

Incremental backup

Perform incremental backups and resume a failed backup from the point of failure

Schedule your backup

Schedule backup operations that can be controlled via policy

Policy driven

Set policies to define what files and folders you’d like to backup

Want a Free Trial? Sign up here.

Want a Free Trial? Sign up here.

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