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You can now store away data on any public cloud or storage systems without worrying about data security and privacy. Irrespective of how you are storing your data on whichever platform, ParaBlu allows you to take back control of all your digital assets.

BluKrypt - The gateway to secure cloud adoption

Want the agility, flexibility and lower costs of public clouds, but are concerned about data security and control? BluKrypt ensures your data is safe in any cloud, while you retain complete control of where and how your data is stored.

BluSync - Collaborate on the go

A hybrid file sharing and collaboration application for the agile enterprise - with military grade security and privacy. BluSync lets you put innovation and productivity on the fast track, with no worries about where your employees are storing their files.

BluVault - Secure back-up, now on any cloud

Enterprise grade back-up in the cloud never got more secure or easier. Hybrid deployment lets you control what stays in-premise and what goes to cloud. Work with multiple cloud storage providers for optimized costs and zero lock-in.

Collaborate - Store - Sync

Collaborating with your team was never easier. ParaBlu helps you sync your data so that everyone has the latest files, even if they are in different locations.

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Control Public Cloud

ParaBlu gives you ability to secure and control your digital data stored in existing public clouds like Google Drive, Dropbox, other IaaS providers. All your corporate data is encrypted and stored securely.

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Easy Backups

You can use ParaBlu to back up your data the way you want. So, even when there's a disaster, you can get all your data back and be up and running in minutes.

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Military-grade Security

Security is important for a business. ParaBlu has security built in everywhere. Your data is encrypted in transfer and it's enrypted when it's stored.

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Mini Clouds

ParaBlu provides businesses with the ability to have separate clouds for individual departments and teams.Detailed enterprise auditing is integrated.

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Simplified Content Based Search

Power Search inside your digital files using keywords in your content. Search across all your devices from a single location.

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Enterprise File Sync and Share Solution

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