Backing up data on Microsoft One Drive for Business?

You can now store data on Microsoft One Drive without worrying about data security and privacy. Irrespective of how you are storing your data on whichever OS, Parablu allows you to take back control of all your digital assets.

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BluKrypt - The gateway to secure cloud adoption

Want the agility, flexibility and lower costs of public clouds, but are concerned about data security and control? BluKrypt ensures your data is safe in any cloud, while you retain complete control of where and how your data is stored.

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BluSync™ - Collaborate on the go

A hybrid file sharing and collaboration application for the agile enterprise - with military grade security and privacy. BluSync lets you put innovation and productivity on the fast track, with no worries about where your employees are storing their files.

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BluVault - Secure back-up, now on any cloud

Enterprise grade back-up in the cloud never got more secure or easier. Hybrid deployment lets you control what stays in-premise and what goes to cloud. Work with multiple cloud storage providers for optimized costs and zero lock-in.

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Secure Any Cloud.


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BluKrypt – Secure Cloud Gateway

BluKrypt Secure Cloud Gateway combines powerful encryption with fine grained access control,
so you know your enterprise data is safe, with complete visibility of what is going in to the cloud from
across the enterprise.

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BluSync™ – Secure File Sharing

BluSync™ is Parablu’s secure file synchronization and sharing solution, which lets employees
collaborate seamlessly across locations. BluSync allows universal access across multiple devices,
so business gets done on the go.

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BluVault – Secure Endpoint Backup

All files, folders and even VM images can be backed up on public, private or hybrid cloud based storage infrastructure.
The enterprise has full control over which files are backed up where,
and thus is able to optimize its storage costs.

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We manufacture aluminium bottles and canisters for specialized use by various industries. Our biggest challenge has been to back up our engineering drawings and specification documents and accessible anywhere securely. Thanks to Parablu Paracloud, we have a trusted, easy-to-configure backup solution.
Since we started using Parablu Paracloud to store all our training materials, student scores, certificates and similar, our document management has become easy and increased internal productivity.
Renuka PrasadPresident, International Society of Automators
Parablu is an effective cloud product for collaborative working and storage solution having a simple and neat user interface. Being a user, I would highly recommend it to those looking for a robust cloud solution
Prashanth HebbarChief Operating Officer, Knobly Media Services Ltd
We love Parablu content search. None of the cloud storage offers a fulltext search making it difficult to work with our document repositories.
Bishnu GuptaAuditor, Sarthi Services
I handle sensitive client data ranging from books of accounts to audit reports. I always use Parablu Paracloud to store and share with my team. It's safe, secure and easy to use.
Lijesh KumarA.N. Prakash Construction Project Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
I feel Parablu ParaCloud is good for Data security, live backup and file sharing.